Friday, March 26, 2010


i just found out yesterday that most of the society's in bandra and khar will not allow a Muslim to purchase a flat...i cannot believe that people think like this in to-days time..before i used to dream of a modern face in i'd be happy with just starting out with society secretary's....


  1. Plural of society is societies. Not society's. You're welcome.

  2. I am from Ahmedabad and there is a law there. They call it "Ashanti-dhara" under which muslim cannot buy property in hindu area and vice-versa..I though mumbai is multi culture city ..this is awful.

  3. yeah i know about this.. makes me sick.. some places don't even let muslims rent out apts. i felt awful when a friend wanted to shift to my building but was turned down coz of his religion. made me not want to live here anymore.

    But to combat this sick notion, i simply let my friend live with me.. until he was able to find a place in a good decent area!.. small changes, hopefully with big ripples.

  4. First off, fabulous blog (chanced on it via Love LOVE your version of the national anthem. Wonderfully apt thought behind it.

    This post really struck a chord.. I'm going through this right now!! I'm moving from Bangalore to Bombay and nobody and I mean freakin nobody wants to rent me a flat!!

    If another broker asks me “But maydum…….what ‘caste’ are you?”… I swear I’m going to join the ranks of Jack the ripper. Looking for a house in Bombay has officially become the nightmare from hell for me! I am a Muslim (part-hindu part-muslim actually) what the hell is the big deal about that?? Never in my wildest dreams did it ever occur to me that one day I will be discriminated against on the basis of my religion (or lack of it). sheesh.

    Initial outrage and horror done, now I'm onto Phase two...which is just plain old depression ;)

    Anyway. Sorry to hijack your post for my rantings, just wanted to understand - do you happen to know if this has always been the case or is this a by product of 26/11?

    And oh yeah... let me know when you are starting with the society secretary...